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Defend the world on a battleground
where time has collapsed!

Despite two galactic wars fought to achieve dominance,
humanity remains divided into seven factions.
In order to continue warfare,
mankind has begun constructing a new artificial battlefield,
the battle territory.
There, the battle to determine who will rule the stars,
known as local warfare, is set to commence.

The seven factions in the Heliosphere send pilots (Stringers)
and combat bio-machines called VA (Vital Armor)
to the battle territory via dimensional transmission.
However, during a final experiment,
mysterious photon beings called "Non-carbides"
appear on Jupiter's moon Callisto,
halting the flow of time in the battle territory.

As the area affected by the time stoppage expands,
the Heliosphere Management Committee (HMC) orders
the seven factions to dispatch their elite units
in order to eliminate the Non-carbides.

A battle to restore time is about to begin──

Game System

Undulation Tower Offense
Up to four player co-op.
This is a tower offense game on an undulating battlefield.
Players strengthen their VA by defeating enemies that will attack from four different zones. Clear the stage by defeating the stage boss before your base is destroyed.
The zones change with every match, including turret placement, the path of projectiles, and the enemy's advance route.
In addition to employing your VA's techniques, coordination, strategy, and spatial awareness are all key to victory.
Phantom Mode
If you clear the high difficulty game mode, you will eventually be able to invade other players' battles as a member of the enemy team.
Despite the overwhelming disadvantage of going up against four players alone, you can still win the battle by using enemies to your advantage, invading at the right time, and matching your strategy with the battle terrain.
There are also IA enhancement rewards that can only be obtained in Phantom Mode.
Players will always feel the tension of not knowing when they will be invaded next.
Defeating invading VA will earn players big rewards.
Dynamic mechanical art shaders
Dynamic mechanical art shaders have been used to bring the essence of CG box art from robot plastic models to the game.
This achieves a sense of immersion and lavishness not found in other robot games.
Screenshot game highlights to create your own gallery of glorious images that look like box art.



Combat bio-machines that originated from power suits.
Abbreviated as "VA", these giant weapons are piloted by humans and are the core weapon system in local warfare.
Their main characteristic is the "Hypercommutative Block System," universal joints that connect machine parts using gravitational cords.
This system has eliminated various bottlenecks in military operations by promoting diversification in VA design, increased maintenance speed, compressed transport space, and a broader range of mobility.


    A third-generation VA that was newly developed for local warfare and the first to be designed for infinite replication within the battle territory. It is equipped with Energy Shot, Wing Laser, Energy Blade, and Gravity Ball, armaments suited for all ranges. It also features three eye cameras and the Singular Device, Gungnir, on its right arm.



    Modeled after the TRIGRAV, this VA's armaments have been replaced with close-ranged assault weaponry. In addition, the armoring has been removed to the greatest extent possible to emphasize mobility and offense. It has a demonic appearance and wields dual Energy Blades. With an aptitude for chasing other VA between zones at extreme speed, use its high mobility to employ hit-and-run tactics right at the beginning of a match. ts Singular Device, Fatal Claw, is mounted on the shoulder shield.



    A VA with a witch-like appearance and a broom-shaped weapon that delivers direct hits to VA armor. Although buoyant and slow-moving, it is very resilient and difficult for enemies to destroy. It can also recover an ally's barrier and armor with Alluring Fruit or damage and slow surrounding enemies with Witches' Wrath. It swings its Singular Device, Bone Crusher, like a giant club.



    A second generation VA that was highly successful in the Heliosphere War. It features a back ring laser unit that operates like a musical instrument in response to actions. Sacrificing movement and attack speed, this VA specializes in ranged attacks and supporting other VA. It is very useful when defending the Global Core. Its Singular Device, Gjallarhorn, temporarily halves the defense of all enemies.



    An unmanned VA designed by the Mars Federation drafter as a companion machine for VA WANG-ZUN-SHI during the Heliosphere War. Because of its great cost performance, it was used universally by the Mars Federation, Jupiterium, and the Econosphere for territory control at the end of the Heliosphere War. The Golem was pre-deployed in a functional test as a support VA in the Callisto battle territory in preparation for local warfare. Golem support will be available as long as Time Cracks continue to occur.



    These machines began to appear with the occurrence of Time Cracks. The basic silhouette and performance are very similar to HMC's Golem VA. Machines with different sizes and abilities have also been sighted.



    They began to appear with the occurrence of Time Cracks. The basic silhouette and performance are very similar to the VA operated by HMC. Both VA are considerably larger than the HMC's and have higher combat performance.



    These large machines began to appear with the occurrence of Time Cracks. No other machines like this exist in this world. Detailed specifications are unknown.



Invariant Autonomy

Each VA is installed with a unique, invariant autonomous entity.
This entity controls the VA using computing power that cannot be achieved with the human brain and supports Stringer piloting.



    CV:Deneen Melody

    In an effort to avoid repeating the mistakes made during the Heliosphere War, this VA common control software was developed by the Earth Nation and B.E.C for local warfare. In conjunction with the installation of the Aegis, cockpits of all VA other than those owned by the Free Ring Alliance were changed from two-seaters to a triadic type. Inside the cockpit, the Aegis takes the form of a seventeen-year-old girl. True to her name, she acts as a guardian during combat and prioritizes giving the pilot survival advice. She is aware of the status of almost every VA in the Heliosphere.



    CV:Kyle Hebert

    A veteran IA that survived the Galactic Planetary War and the Heliosphere War. During these times, he was a favorite among Ace Stringers. Given a third physical body and a new name by the Jupiterium drafter, TRIGRAV has been slated to participate in the third Galactic War. He has a wealth of combat knowledge and tends to act as an instructor toward Stringers.



    CV:Beau Billingslea

    VA GAE BOLG was adrift in space after taking serious damage during the Heliosphere War. The Jupiterium drafter found GAE BOLG and recreated it as TRIGRAV. During the restoration process of TRIGRAV, a brother IA was cloned, BLACK ROSE. His appearance and personality are very similar to the early TRIGRAV (VA ATLAS). He craves the limelight and is rash, reckless, and extremely aggressive.



    CV:Xander Jeanneret

    It is an IA that has been in continuous operation since the Heliosphere War. Its gestures and behavior can seem foolish and sometimes lead Stringers astray. Still, during critical battle situations, it is trusted for its clear perspective and comments that bring Stringers to victory. PIED PIPER thinks of itself as an orchestra conductor and tries to control the battlefield and manipulate it at will.

  • GRIMHILDE(brother)


    CV:Hannah Faye

    This IA was designed by the Econosphere drafter shortly after the announcement of Aegis and the triadic system. A regular VA consists of an Aegis, one IA, and one Stringer. GRIMHILDE, on the other hand, consists of an Aegis, two IA, and one Stringer. Essentially, this means that four wills intervene from within the cockpit. The Econosphere drafter increased the number of decision-makers on a trial basis in anticipation of multifaceted war situations that may arise in the future. The "brother" persona has a curious side and is willing to interact with the pilot.

  • GRIMHILDE(sister)


    CV:Felecia Angelle

    The Econosphere drafter constructed GRIMHILDE in the likeness of their own child who died in the Heliosphere War. The base was the IA Butterfly Effect, mass-produced in the Econosphere during the Heliosphere War. Her strong survival instincts were divided into two distinct personalities. The "sister" persona is gutsy, well-behaved, and calmly assesses any situation. PIED PIPER tends to treat Stringers as "guests."